Built by shipyard Francisco Cardama, .S.A.

This multipurpose tugboat built for the Maritime and Port Institute of Angola classified by Lloyd's Register with the notation + 100 A1 + LMC, Tug / Fifi 1, Oil Recovery, has been designed to:

Operations of search and rescue of persons with 2 rescue boats of 7.2 m. And 33 knots.

Perform towing maneuvers offshore with winch and towbar.

Fire extinguishing in other ships according to quota FiFi1.

Combatting oil pollution with collection and storage for 300 m barrier reel, 2 skimmers of 60 Ton / h each, 6 portable tanks, etc.

Work with buoys and beacons, with a deck crane from 5.4 ton to 11.1m.

Transport fresh water and fuel to other ships on the high seas.

Inspection and inspection in the waters of the country.

Training of personnel related to the sea.

Main Characteristics


  • Overall length 44.00 m.
  • Length between p.s. 38.40 m.
  • Trace Beam 12,20 m.
  • Track length 6,05 m.
  • Maximum draft 5,15 m. (Summer draft / winter draft)

  • Propulsion power 2x1,890 KW
  • Propeller type Fixed pitch propellers
  • Test speed greater than 15 knots

  • Fixed shot 60 Tm     

  • Crew 13 people

  • Gross tonnage Total 878 GT
  • Total net weight 263 GT

Tank Capacity


  • Capacity of oil tanks 483.00 m3
  • Capacity of fresh water tanks 26.70 m3
  • Capacity of lubricating oil tanks 6.20 m3
  • Ballast water tank capacity 59.10 m3


  • Capacity tanks oil recovery 133,00 m3
  • Capacity of foam tanks or C.I.?

Load Capacity


Capacity: people / ticket 12 (standing / sitting)

Other Characteristics