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Hijos de J. Barreras Shipyard was founded in 1892 and has been building vessels for the most prestigious shipowners and shipping lines for over 115 years, becoming one of the most important newbuilding shipyard of Spain and being a point of reference in the European shipbuilding.

At the beginning of the shipyard fishing vessels were built but, currently the company is oriented towards the construction of large vessels for the highly qualified personnel and the excellent technical resources, making it a leader in shipbuilding with the most advanced technology and high added value.


Products and services

  • Offshore: Accommodation vessels, Seismic vessels, Cable-laying vessels
  • Fishing vessels: trawler vessels and tuna vessels
  • Ferries
  • Other: Container ships, Ro-Ro, LPG vessels, bulk carriers, etc.

Capacities and resources

New constructions:

The shipyard has two slipways and a dry dock for the construction of new vessels.


The shipyard performs repair operations in its own slipway.

Lifting equipment:

Crane: 1 x 175 tonnes at 15 m

Crane: 2 x 100 tonnes at 20 m

Crane: 2 x 45 tonnes at 12,5 m

Crane: 2 x 17 tonnes at 12,5 m

Slipways: One slipway with capacity for vessels up to 120 m length and 17 m beam. Maximum weight 2,400 tonnes.

Docks: The shipyard has not any own dock.

Dry docks: Two dry docks with capacity for vessels up to 190 m length and 27 m beam.

Outfitting docks: outfitting docks with a total length of 425 m.

More information:

The surface area of the shippyard is 108,000 m² and has the following equipment:

  • 1 plasma cutting machine, with two cutting carriages and two marking carriages. 
  • 1 goose neck press model LOYRE DEP 250 for pressing steel sheets.
  • 1 bending roll model CASANOVA.
  • 1 automatic submerged arc welding machine for a capacity of 8,000 mm.
  • 2 gantry welding type ODGEN for joining profiles with 

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, UNE 166002 “RDi management”.


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