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Navantia is a Spanish public company owned by holding SEPI, dedicated to the design, building, maintenance and repair of military and civil vessels, and manufacturing of equipment and naval systems. With almost 300 years of history and 5.500 employees, Navantia is the first Spanish company of naval technology and one of the European leaders.

Bussines Areas of Navantia


Control and Combat Systems

Shiprepair and Retrofitting

Diesel Engines



Products and services

Main Activities in Ferrol-Fene

1. Navy Vessels: Designs and Builds navy and civil vessels and makes the life cycle support:

• Aircraft Vessels (2 units)

• Combat Vessels: Frigates (total 16 units). 6xFFG Santa María Class , 5xF100 Alvaro de Bazán Class , 5xF310 Fridtjof Nansen (Norway) Class

• Amphibious Vessels: 

LHD: 1 BPE (Spanish Navy) y 2 LHD Australian Navy 

LPD 2 units for the spanish navy

• Logistic Vessels: AOR (1 unit for spanish navy)

• Patrol Ships 

2. Technology Transfer: Design and technical support for australian construction of 3 Destroyers AWD Hobart Class for the australian navy.

3. Life Cycle: development of Fridtjof Nansen Class Frigates and Navy Vessel´s life cycle.

4. Shiprepair and Retrofitting: Shiprepair, Retrofitting and ship conversión of civil and navy vessels.

5. Turbines Manufacturing: Manufacturing, Lay out and Maintenance of Equipments and energy plants:

• Ship propulsión systems and equipments (gear boxes, shafting, rudder, etc)

• Equipments and Power generation plants

6. Vapour Turbines

7. Wind turbines and turnkey wind farms

Capacities and resources

New constructions: 

FERROL: up to 230,000 Tn, 311m lenght and  52m breath

FENE: up to 395,000 Tn, 346m lenght and 60m breath


Up to 230,000 Tn, with 330m of lenght and 50m breath,


Cranes up to 100Tn


201 x 33 m

230 x 43 m

320 x 53 m

Assembly Docks

330 X 50 m 230,000 DWT

205 X 25 m 25,000 DWT


Cranes availability  26

Maximun Capacity  80 Tn (1 Crane)

Maximun Capacity in Slipway  250 Tn


+4,000 m Maximun Draft 11 m




337 x 58 m

337 x 49 m

Assembly Docks

225 X 38 m 80,000 DWT

155 X 24 m 20,000 DWT


Cranes availability 6

Maximun Capacity 800 Tn (Grantry Crane)


600 m Maximun Draft 7 m


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, PECAL/AQAP 2110, OHSAS 18001:2007 


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