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Under the pillars of expertise, innovation and quality, AISTER established in 1993 the division of shipyards for the construction of aluminium boats, particular line in which AISTER firmly believes as the aluminium marine alloys offers great advantages over other materials of naval construction. Making the unit, you can modify the design in accordance with the requirements of each user.

Since 2006, AISTER is also building professionals polyethylene boats, custom always on demand as per the needs of each client. The polyethylene material is another unique and little exploited so far in this industry, despite its many advantages such as exceptional flexibility and high impact resistance.

AISTER Shipyard also works upon request with other conventional materials such as steel and stainless steel.

Facilities totalling 22,000 square meters with sea access and its own dock.


Products and services

·         Port workboats, antipollution auxiliary boats, …

·         Surveillance, patrol, beach buoy marking, search and rescue crafts, …

·         Aquiculture vessels

·         Passengers

Capacities and resources

Shipbuilding: units up to 35 m of length

Ship repairs

Lifting equipment:





Certifications/ Quality

·         ISO 9001:2008

·         ISO 14001:2004


More information

Some vessels built by AISTER