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Nodosa Shipyard is a company specialized in Shipbuilding and Industrial Sector. Founded more than forty years ago, their activity, almost exclusively dedicated to metal hulled vessels, involves the design, construction, modification, repair and maintenance of vessels, both in dry dock and afloat, for in-house builds and third parties alike.

In 1982, its boiler workshop was opened and, in the early '90's, it acquired the concession of some small dry docks. After several stages of growth and expansion, the former were to become what is now the Factory and the main offices. The latter became the large shipyard that it is today in the port zone of Marín (Pontevedra).

Alongside that, other work centres have been added, such as the Mechanical Workshop, fitted with the state of the art of technology for machining, repair work and manufacturing. It counts on cutting processes, sheet forming and mounting, as well as the most specialised and appropriate equipment and means to carry out machining and manufacture of parts and special machines.

Furthermore, the company currently counts on a repair workshop in the port of Marín and a bigger production and assembly workshop, in the same port.

 Nodosa knows that the best underpin their work are experience, modern infrastructures constantly being expanded, their production and technological capacity, and seriousness present in all of their processes. So they have built over 300 vessels throughout their history, and fitted out and docked more tan 130 vessels a year, making it a leading national actor in the sector and main activity at the moment: shipbuilding, ship conversion, ship repair and maintenance.


Products and services

Shipbuilding Division:

·         Integral Ship Maintenance

·         Repairs and Large Scale Conversions

·         Manufacturing for third parties

·         Aquaculture and Tuna Trap-Net Workboats

·         Fishing vessels

·         Dredgers and Port Workboats

·         Tugs and Maritime Assistance

·         Passengers and Leisure Boats

·         Special vessels and others


Industrial Division:

·         Diverse industries

·         Manufacture and Industrial Maintenance

·         Mechanical Workshop

·         Boiler-work in general

·         Logistic and Cutting


Capacities and resources

New constructions:

MAXIMUM displacement in dry dock                  Vessels up to 2,000 DWT         

MAXIMUM BEAM IN DRY DOCKING                 20 m


LOAD DRAFT IN DRY DOCKING                       7.5m

TOTAL SLIPWAYS IN DRY DOCKING               6 slipways

OUTFITTING QUAYS                                        2 quays



Large escale conversions up to 150m length


Lifting equipment:

  • Outside gantry cranes             1 unit of 40 T
  • Overhead cranes                    1 unit of  50 Tn ,1 unit of 40 Tn., 1 unit of 32 Tn. 2 units of 30 Tn., 2 of 20 Tn., 4 units of 8 Tn, 2 of 5 Tn
  • Tower cranes                          2 fixed of 10 Tn, 1 fixed of 12 Tn., 2 mobile of 10 Tn, 1 mobile of 17 Tn.


Dry docks:

SLIPWAY         Lenght overall                    Beam                  Desplazamiento

SLIPWAY No. 1            90                                15                                2.000

SLIPWAY No. 2            90                                15                                2.000

SLIPWAY No. 3            60                                 20                                  500

SLIPWAY No. 4            100                              17                                 2.500

SLIPWAY No. 5            100                              17                                 2.500

SLIPWAY No. 6            150                              20                                 3.300



OUTFITTING QUAY No.1           50m

OUTFITTING QUAY No.2         150m



More information

More information

MAXIMUM STORAGE CAPACITY                                 3000Tn

ANNUAL AVERAGE MANUFACTURE                           8000Tn

ANNUAL AVERAGE SHIPREPAIR                                > 200 shiprepairs (afloat and dockage)

 NEWBUILDINGS                                                         > 200 units



- Factory                                             total 18000 m2               3700 m2 in worksops and annex buildings

- - Shipyard                                         total 38000 m2               6000 m2 in worksops and annex buildings          

- Shiprepair Centre                               total 800 m2                           800 m2 in 1 workshop        

- Production and assembly workshop    total 1500 m2                 1500 m2 in 1 workshop

- Mechanical workshop                        total 5000 m2                 4000 m2 in 5 workshops


Other relevant machinery

Folding machine, cutters, sheet metal formers, oxy-cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, lathes, milling machine, upright drilling machines, turning gear, hydraulic tensors, automated and manual welding equipment, calibration and verification enclosure of equipment and O2, C3H8, C-15 (Ar+CO2) closed-circuits.

Certifications: ISO 9001(Quality); ISO 14001(Environment); EMAS III; OHSAS 18001 (Occupational risk prevention); UNE 166.002 (R+D+i); Workshop Approval for Welding, Q2D.



Some vessels built by NODOSA