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FRANCISCO CARDAMA, S.A. is heir of a longstanding experience in the shipbuilding and ship repair coming from the historic background in the area where we are located.

The trajectory of FRANCISCO CARDAMA, S.A. begins the 18th of July of 1.932 on behalf of Francisco Cardama Godoy, who aimed to expand the company that bore his name and had been operating since 1.914.

Despite the continuous fluctuations to which the shipbuilding industry is subject, FRANCISCO CARDAMA, SA has adapted to the new market demands, investing heavily in updating and innovation of machinery, as well as carrying out a constant work of technology watch in the sector, in order to detect innovations emerging internationally, both in machinery and in process.

This process of innovation and update, in which the company is still immersed, is not only limited to the purchase of new equipment; parallel to this process of investment in fixed assets, such action has been completed with the adoption of modern management techniques throughout the organization thanks to its constant desire to improve and adapt to new customer needs.

For these reasons, the company has always enjoyed the full confidence of our customers, which together with the good work done by our professionals, have made us one of the most in demand shipyards.


Products and services

  • Training ships and oceanographic vessels
  • Fishing vessels, trawlers and long-liners
  • Split Hopper Barges
  • Multipurpose vessels
  • Tug boats
  • Support vessels
  • Pontoons

Capacities and resources

New constructions:

Up to 1.800 dwt.

By dimensions, could be built vessels of 100 tons and 15 meters of breath.

In any case, the usual is around 40-60 meters of length.


In the case of repairs, the shipyard has the resources to dock vessels up to 3.000 dwt., with length overall of 90 meters and breath of 14 meters.

Lifting equipment:  4 cranes with maximum capacity of 35 tons.

Dry Dock: 4 slipways mainly designed to repairs.





nº 1

1.000 dwt.

60 m.

9,00 m.

nº 2

1.009 dwt.

80 m.

13,00 m.

nº 3

3.000 dwt.

90 m.

14,00 m.

nº 4

1.700 dwt.

70 m.

11,80 m.


 Berth: 2 slipways mainly designed to newbuilding.



length overall


nº 5

1.007 dwt

100 m.

15 m.

nº 6

1.850 dwt

100 m.

14 m.

Docks: Own Repair Dock of 80 m. length with all the services.


  • Pre-manufacture facility, with the following machinery: Press brake of 4.000 mm and 300 tons, vertical press of 300 tons, horizontal press of 150 tons, cutting machine C.N. with table 12.000 x 3.200 with plasma cutting and oxycutting, hydraulic automatic band saw, cylinder of 6 m., overhead crane of  20 tn.
  • Facility pre-assembled: Overhead crane of 20 tons, welding machine, according to different processes.
  • Mechanics colon Horizontal lathes of 5.500 mm, 2.000 mm and 1.500mm, horizontal lathe C.N. of 900mm, milling machine, several vertical lathes, band saw up to 400 mm, 2 overhead cranes of 4 tons.

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18000, “Services Supplier”, RINA, for thickness testing by ultrasonic gauging.

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